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Registered Persons

In subsection 18. (2) of the Landscape Architectural Profession Act, Act no 45, 2000 it states that “A person may not practice in any of the categories contemplated in subsection 18. (1) unless he or she is registered in that category”. 

Furthermore, in Sub-section 26 (3) the Act goes on to state that “a person who is not registered in terms of the Act may not:

a. Perform any kind of work identified for any category of registered persons,
b. Pretend to be, or in any manner hold or allow himself or herself to be held out as a person registered in terms of this Act,
c. Use the name of any registered person or any name or title referred to in section 18 or 21 ; or
d. Perform any act indicating or calculated to lead persons to believe that he or she is registered in terms of this Act.

The public is to be aware that according to Sub-section 41. (1) of the Act “a person that is contravening section 18(2), 23,25 (8) or 31 (8)(a), (b), (e) or (f) is guilty of an offence”. Sub-section 41.(3) goes on to state that “a person convicted of an offence in terms of section 18(2) may be liable to a fine equal to double the remuneration received by him or her for work done in contravention of section 18(2) or to a fine equal to the fine calculated according to the ratio determined for three years imprisonment in terms of the Adjustment of Fines Act, 1991”. 

If you are a member of the public and have come across someone that calls himself/herself a ‘Professional Landscape Architect’, or any of the authorised titles specified in Section 21 of the Act; and any of the prescribed specified titles as per Subsection18.(c) and whose name does not appear on the list of registered professionals, please contact the Registrar, Mrs Cecilia Chinga This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will take the matter forward in the appropriate manner. 

If you are qualified and meet the requirements to register with the Council, please submit your application for evaluation. Application Form is downloadable from the Registration Section in the Library on this website. Click here for registration policy and all other registration related documentation.

Find Registered Person by Surname

Surname Name Registration Number Status
Adams Ayesha 199 C. Landscape Architect
Anderson Yvette 180 C. Landscape Architect
Araboga Sani 417 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Arieff Zeenat 129 C. Landscape Architect
Bantsheng Lesego 264 C. Landscape Architect
Booysen Gabrielle 171 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Bos Sune 330 C. Landscape Architect
Boshoff Evette 201 C. Landscape Architect
Botha Bridgette 338 C. Landscape Architect
Brown Michael 404 C. Landscape Architect
Cengimbo Aphelele 406 C. Landscape Architect
Cook Gavin Robert 451 C. Landscape Architect
Coughlan Luke Patrick 405 C. Landscape Architect
Craik Jonathan David 296 C. Landscape Architect
Cronje Léan Charl 225 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
De Beer Mikael 266 C. Landscape Architect
De Villiers Corne 426 Candidate Landscape Architect
de Waal Christa 88034 C. Landscape Architect
Delport Zjak Christiaan 302 C. Snr Landscape Architectural Technologist
Dikgang Tumisang 397 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Ditsele Kgaugelo Arnold 430 Candidate Landscape Technologist
du Plessis Anthonie 130 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Engelbrecht Adine 321 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Engelbrecht Johanna Hendrika 279 C. Landscape Architect
Franklin Marika 350 C. Landscape Architect
Grunewald Tosca Dina 208 C. Landscape Architect
Hartzenberg Bernadean 365 C. Landscape Architect
Hedley Phillippa 183 C. Landscape Architect
Hendricks Jeremy David 131 C. Landscape Architectural Technician
Higgins Gillian 210 C. Landscape Architect
Hlongwane Andile Maria 452 C. Landscape Technologist
Hodge Andrew Peter 245 C. Landscape Architect
Iyer Nathan 198 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Jansen Van Vuuren Helena Susanna 413 C. Landscape Architect
Kader Nabeelah 447 C. Landscape Architect
Keefelakae Sello 357 C. Landscape Technician
Kgare Seth Mokgadi Masilo 437 C. Landscape Technician
Koster (White) Wendy 209 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Kotze Michael Johann 423 C. Landscape Technician
Krigga Inge 448 C. Landscape Technologist
Kulikovskaya Maria Yurievna 429 Candidate Landscape Architect
Le Roux Anneke 287 C. Snr Landscape Architectural Technologist
Leleki Lubabalo 247 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Lethugile Goabamang Moabi 147 C. Landscape Architect
Letlhaka Francina Matlakala 262 C. Landscape Architectural Technician
Letshwene Letlhogonolo 398 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Lu Ke 187 C. Landscape Architect
Lubbe Roux 419 C. Landscape Architect
Mac Hattie Mark Patrick 445 C. Landscape Architect
Mackenzie Caitlin Hazel 442 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Makangela Oscalina Nondiphiwe 422 C. Landscape Technician
Maluleke Margaret Lebogang 439 C. Landscape Technician
Manda Ruth Annie 424 C. Landscape Architect
Mandiwana Ashley 170 C. Landscape Architectural Technician
Maponya Mapula Jessica Makgwara 277 C. Landscape Architect
Mashaba Faith Kurhula 408 C. Senior Landscape Technologist
Matabane Lebo 395 C. Landscape Architectural Technician
Mathey Megan 361 C. Landscape Architect
Matsvimbo Shermain 414 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Matthysen Johannes 178 C. Landscape Architect
Maurel Philippe Gustave 411 C. Landscape Architect
McLachlan Julia 153 C. Landscape Architect
Mello Nape Elvis 434 C. Landscape Technician
Mello Kabelo 431 C. Landscape Technician
Memeza Melikaya 143 C. Snr Landscape Architectural Technologist
Metcalfe Jessica Jill 415 C. Landscape Architect
Mkombeza Kimberley Rudo 276 C. Landscape Architect
Mncedane Nonkqubela 339 C. Landscape Technician
Molubi Lefentse 333 C. Landscape Technician
Mostert Andrew 393 C. Landscape Architectural Technician
Motshweni Tlotlang Margaret 440 C. Landscape Technologist
Mputa Thozama 403 C. Landscape Architect
Mtshengu Vuyolwethu 420 C. Landscape Technician
Ndude Wendy 436 C. Landscape Technician
Ndwambi Zwavhudi Meriam 443 C. Landscape Architect
Ndwandwa Dumile Dominic 421 C. Landscape Technician
Nel Stephanie 400 C. Landscape Architect
Nelissen Garrick Jean Pierre 272 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Odendaal Petrus 368 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Phetoane Realeboga Mphelegeng 427 C. Landscape Technologist
Phiri Chester 356 C. Landscape Technician
Pienaar Henri Jacques 409 C. Landscape Architect
Ramakuela Hilda Takalani Ntodeni 268 C. Landscape Architectural Technician
Ramphago Matlhogonolo Ellecxes 435 C. Landscape Technologist
Rantlhwatlhwa Kgothatso Lazarus 432 C. Landscape Technologist
Rhikotso Khongelani 441 C. Landscape Manager
Roos Gideon Daniël 144 C. Landscape Architect
Rude Warno Pieter 127 C. Landscape Architect
Samaai Nabilah 418 C. Landscape Architect
Sebotsi Molwantwa 367 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Semenya Covardia Kagiso 433 C. Landscape Technologist
Sibanda Sabello Malcom 335 C. Landscape Architect
Sihlahla Athenkosi 425 C. Landscape Technologist
Simelane Nobuhle 401 C. Landscape Technologist
Siniscalchi Stefania Assunta 444 C. Landscape Architect
Sithole Mpilo 217 C. Landscape Architectural Technician
Skidmore Elaine Claire 148 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Smith Philip 200 C. Landscape Architect
Smith Robyn Lesley 407 Candidate Landscape Architectural Technologist
Sparg Alexandra Karin 412 C. Landscape Architect
Steenkamp Chanel 248 C. Landscape Architect
Strydom Hercules Johannes 446 C. Landscape Architect
Swart Charlotte 429 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Swart Clarissa 363 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Thomas Sarah 399 C. Landscape Architect
Thononda Nanga Hope 449 C. Landscape Technician
Toerien Tessa Kate 260 C. Landscape Architect
Tuke Sarah Luposo 275 C. Landscape Architect
Unger Meike 288 C. Landscape Architect
Van Den Einde Carmen 267 C. Landscape Architect
Van der Merwe Maryke 235 C. Landscape Architect
Venter Albert 190 C. Snr Landscape Architectural Technologist
Verster Sone 364 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Watson Callum 351 C. Landscape Architect
Watson Michael Anthony 249 C. Landscape Architect
Willie Kamva 394 C. Landscape Architectural Technician
Zaroufis Sarah Zaroufis 438 C. Landscape Architect
Ziyambi Christabel 128 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Ackerman Pieter Buys Iwan 20145 Prof. Landscape Architect
Ahlers Tania 20292 Prof. Landscape Architectural Technician
Anderson Megan Wedd 94063 Prof. Landscape Architect
Aucamp Doreen 20268 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
Badenhorst Marié 20296 Prof. Landscape Architect
Barnard Phillipus Johannes (Johan) 93055 Prof. Landscape Architect
Bartels Julian 20314 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
Basson (nee Joubert) Marise 20305 Prof. Landscape Architect
Bhukwana Mandla Ben 20338 Prof. Landscape Architect
Bopape Naniekie Machuene 20323 Prof. Landscape Technologist
Bormans Ankia 20197 Prof. Landscape Architect
Botes Karen Leonie 99102 Prof. Landscape Architect
Botha Monica 20113 Prof. Landscape Architect
Botha Jennifer Lynn 20177 Prof. Landscape Architect
Botha Franya 20203 Prof. Landscape Architect
Bothma Johan 20163 Prof. Landscape Architect
Brand Gavin 20164 Prof. Landscape Architect
Bredell Theodor Gustav 20235 Prof. Landscape Architect
Breed Christina Alida (Ida) 20155 Prof. Landscape Architect
Brett (nee Van der Westhuizen) René Maria 20122 Prof. Landscape Architect
Bronkhorst Adolf Gideon Grimbeek (Deon) 93058 Prof. Landscape Architect
Brown Rodney 98090 Prof. Landscape Architect
Buchanan Rosemary Anne 20361 Prof. Landscape Architect
Burger Lee Jacobus 20261 Prof. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Burgess Clare Cora Ann 92051 Prof. Landscape Architect
Burmeister Bekker Marina 20328 Prof. Landscape Architect
Bürschen Susanna Catherina 20211 Prof. Landscape Architect
Camera (nee Di Monte) Gloria 20252 Prof. Landscape Architect
Carelse Gafely Hine 20364 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
Chang Sarah Michal 20226 Prof. Landscape Architect
Cherry Eric Graham 20269 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
Cilliers Mitha Catharina 20159 Prof. Landscape Architect
Jansen van Vuuren Susara Johanna (Hannetjie) 88025 Prof. Landscape Architect
Trichard Louis Gustav 88033 Prof. Landscape Architect