SACLAP EVALUATION & QUALIFICATION | SACLAP registers the following: Professional Landscape Architect | Professional Landscape Manager (C&M) | Professional Senior Landscape Architectural Technologist | Professional Senior Landscape Technologist | Professional Landscape Architectural Technologist | Professional Landscape Technologist | Professional Landscape Architectural Technician | Professional Landscape Technician | Candidate Landscape Architect | Candidate Landscape Manager (C&M) | Candidate Senior Landscape Architectural Technologist | Candidate Senior Landscape Technologist | Candidate Landscape Architectural Technologist | Candidate Landscape Technologist | Candidate Landscape Architectural Technician | Candidate Landscape Technician .


Registered Persons

In subsection 18. (2) of the Landscape Architectural Profession Act, Act no 45, 2000 it states that “A person may not practice in any of the categories contemplated in subsection 18. (1) unless he or she is registered in that category”. 

Furthermore, in Sub-section 26 (3) the Act goes on to state that “a person who is not registered in terms of the Act may not:

a. Perform any kind of work identified for any category of registered persons,
b. Pretend to be, or in any manner hold or allow himself or herself to be held out as a person registered in terms of this Act,
c. Use the name of any registered person or any name or title referred to in section 18 or 21 ; or
d. Perform any act indicating or calculated to lead persons to believe that he or she is registered in terms of this Act.

The public is to be aware that according to Sub-section 41. (1) of the Act “a person that is contravening section 18(2), 23,25 (8) or 31 (8)(a), (b), (e) or (f) is guilty of an offence”. Sub-section 41.(3) goes on to state that “a person convicted of an offence in terms of section 18(2) may be liable to a fine equal to double the remuneration received by him or her for work done in contravention of section 18(2) or to a fine equal to the fine calculated according to the ratio determined for three years imprisonment in terms of the Adjustment of Fines Act, 1991”. 

If you are a member of the public and have come across someone that calls himself/herself a ‘Professional Landscape Architect’, or any of the authorised titles specified in Section 21 of the Act; and any of the prescribed specified titles as per Subsection18.(c) and whose name does not appear on the list of registered professionals, please contact the Registrar, Mrs Cecilia Chinga This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will take the matter forward in the appropriate manner. 

If you are qualified and meet the requirements to register with the Council, please submit your application for evaluation. Application Form is downloadable from the Registration Section in the Library on this website. Click here for registration policy and all other registration related documentation.

Find Registered Person by Surname

Surname Name Registration Number Status
Ackerman Pieter Buys Iwan 20145 Prof. Landscape Architect
Adams Ayesha 199 C. Landscape Architect
Ahlers Tania 20292 Prof. Landscape Architectural Technician
Anderson Megan Wedd 94063 Prof. Landscape Architect
Anderson Yvette 180 C. Landscape Architect
Araboga Sani 417 Candidate Landscape Architectural Technologist
Arieff Zeenat 129 C. Landscape Architect
Aucamp Doreen 20268 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
Badenhorst Marié 20296 Prof. Landscape Architect
Baggaley Kerri-Ann 20262 Prof. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Bantsheng Lesego 264 Candidate Landscape Architect
Bopape Naniekie Machuene 20323 Professional Landscape Technologist
Barnard Phillipus Johannes (Johan) 93055 Prof. Landscape Architect
Barnard Stephan Sollie 20210 Resigned
Bartels Julian 20314 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
Bartsch Gerhard Fritz 202 Interview Individual LA
Bezuidenhout G 88023 Deregistered
Bird Olivia 332 Interview Individual LA
Bhukwana Ben 20338 Professional Landscape Architect
Booysen Gabrielle 171 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Bormans Ankia 20197 Prof. Landscape Architect
Bos Sune 330 C. Landscape Architect
Boshoff Evette 201 C. Landscape Architect
Botes Karen Leonie 99102 Prof. Landscape Architect
Botha Bridgette 338 C. Landscape Architect
Botha Franya 20203 Professional Landscape Architect
Botha Jennifer Lynn 20177 Prof. Landscape Architect
Botha Jolene 375 Student
Botha Monica 20113 Prof. Landscape Architect
Botha Roelf 87011 Deceased
Bothma Johan 20163 Prof. Landscape Architect
Brand Gavin 20164 Prof. Landscape Architect
Bredell Theodor Gustav 20235 Prof. Landscape Architect
Breed Christina Aliida (Ida) 20155 Prof. Landscape Architect
Breedt P 88029 Deregistered
Brett (nee Van der Westhuizen) René Maria 20122 Prof. Landscape Architect
Brewer N 90046 Deregistered
Brewsher F 20146 Deregistered
Brits Heinrich 377 Student
Brits M 88032 Deregistered
Bronkhorst Adolf Gideon Grimbeek (Deon) 93058 Prof. Landscape Architect
Brown Michael 404 Candidate Landscape Architect
Brown Rodney 98090 Prof. Landscape Architect
Browne Kirsti 331 Interview Individual LA
Burger Lee Jacobus 20261 Prof. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Sihlala Athenkosi 425 Candidate Landscape Architect
Burgess Clare Cora Ann 92051 Prof. Landscape Architect
Burmeister Bekker Marina 20328 Professional Landscape Architect
Burrell Lee 396 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Bürschen Susanna Catherina 20211 Prof. Landscape Architect
Buchanan Rosemary 20261 Professional Landscape Architect
Camera (nee Di Monte) Gloria 20252 Prof. Landscape Architect
Cave Alan Noble 88035 Resigned
Cedras Jacques Donavan 20284 Prof. Landscape Manager (M)
Cengimbo Aphelele 406 Candidate Landscape Architect
Chang Sarah Michal 20226 Prof. Landscape Architect
Cherry Eric Graham 20269 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
Cilliers Mitha Catharina 20159 Prof. Landscape Architect
Clare J 93062 Deregistered
Clark Landie Hester 92049 Prof. Landscape Architect
Clegg Andrew Deighton 20270 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
Coetzee Dawid André (Dawie) 20102 Suspended
Coetzee Godfried Johannes (Fritz) 98092 Prof. Landscape Architect
Comrie Annamari 20165 Prof. Landscape Architect
Comrie Anton Francois 20142 Prof. Landscape Architect
Cooper Alan Stern 98083 Prof. Landscape Architect
Coughlan Luke 405 Candidate Landscape Architect
Craik Jonathan David 296 C. Landscape Architect
Crawley Victoria Jane 20199 Prof. Landscape Architect
Croly (nee Coetzee) Danielle 20168 Prof. Landscape Architect
Cronje Léan Charl 225 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Dawson Alan Charles 20271 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
Dayson Peter 88030 Deceased
de Abreu Dino Teles 20204 Prof. Landscape Architect
de Beer Gieliam Christoffel 20330 Professional Landscape Architect
De Beer Ignes 369 Candidate Landscape Architectural Technologist
De Beer Ignes 20352 Professional Landscape Architectural Technologist
De Beer Mikael 266 C. Landscape Architect
de Beer (nee Raimond) Antonia (Antoinette) 20218 Prof. Landscape Architect
De Kiewit Sue Kim 20258 Professional Landscape Architect
de Kock F 90044 Deregistered
de Lange Herman 20175 Prof. Landscape Architect
de Lange Petrus (Pieter) 20124 Prof. Landscape Architect
de Sousa Damian Vaz 255 Student
De Villiers Corne 426 Candidate Landscape Architect
de Villiers Johan Benjamin 88034 Prof. Landscape Architect
de Villiers Tanya Mari 94065 Prof. Landscape Architect
de Villiers St Pol Mark Louis 20201 Prof. Landscape Architect
De Wet Colin 20272 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
De Wet Norah Mary 20322 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
De Wet Norah 20322 Professional Manager (Construction and Maintenance)
De Wet Norah 341 Interview Individual LM
Delport Johann Lucas 20310 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
Delport Johanna Catharina (Riana) 99095 Prof. Landscape Architect
Delport Zjak Christiaan 302 C. Snr Landscape Architectural Technologist
Dijkhuis P 95071 Deregistered
Dikgang Tumisang 397 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Ditsele Kgaugelo 430 Candidate Landscape Technologist
Dippenaar Cecilia Jacoba (Cenette) 20220 Prof. Landscape Architect
Dixon Alan Fenwick 97079 Prof. Landscape Architect
Dladla Sibusiso Percival 20335 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
Dohse Jacques Ewald 20241 Prof. Landscape Architect
Douglas Alastair Byron St John 20185 Resigned
Drummond John Meyer 87016 Prof. Landscape Architect
du Plessis Anthonie 130 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Du Plessis Laetitia 374 Student
du Plessis Tania 95072 Prof. Landscape Architect
du Plooy Amanda 20119 Prof. Landscape Architect
du Preez (nee Labuschagne) Ilze 20263 Prof. Landscape Architect
Du Toit E 20116 Deregistered
du Toit Stephanus (Stephan) Jacobus 20152 Prof. Landscape Architect
Dunstan Neal Edward 20125 Prof. Landscape Architect
Duvenhage Theunis Johannes 20138 Prof. Landscape Architect
Ebrahim Tasneem 20231 Prof. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Edwards M 88028 Deregistered
Eisele Hans 20117 Resigned
Eitzen Bruce 20127 Prof. Landscape Architect
Eksteen (nee Vollmer) Bernadette 20110 Prof. Landscape Architect
El Mohamadi Abbigail 20198 Prof. Landscape Architect
Els Mariska 20356 Professional Landscape Architect
Engberts Rainer Egbert 20300 Prof. Landscape Architect
Engelbrecht Adine 321 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Engelbrecht Johanna Hendrika 279 C. Landscape Architect
Erasmus Anika 251 Student
Faragher Tamsin Phyllida Thokozile 20297 Prof. Landscape Architect
Farrel B 87014 Retired
Faul Annette 380 Student
Ferguson Jonathan 20273 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
Ferrar Alastair 20103 Deregistered
Fick Lorraine 20112 Deregistered
Fischer (nee van der Walt) Ralene 20221 Prof. Landscape Architect
Ford I 87005 Deceased
Foster Gavin Mark 20350 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
Foster Garreth 372 Student
Fourie K 95069 Deregistered
Franklin Marika 350 C. Landscape Architect
French James Aubrey 20205 Prof. Landscape Architect
Funke Nadia Franciska 20169 Prof. Landscape Architect
Gabier Ilham 20213 Prof. Landscape Architect
Gaisford Cass 20143 Deregistered
Garner Gerald 96075 Resigned
Gartner Renate 20140 Deregistered
Gavhi Mashudu Peter 20319 Professional Manager (Construction and Maintenance)
Gebhardt Belinda Louise 99098 Prof. Landscape Architect
Geldenhuys Cornelius Jacobus (Kobus) 20200 Prof. Landscape Architect
Gertenbach H 20104 Deregistered
Gibbs David Peter 20128 Prof. Landscape Architect
Gillman Donovan Jeremy 20243 Prof. Landscape Architect
Glen Samantha Claire 20105 Prof. Landscape Architect
Glen Stuart Martin 97077 Prof. Landscape Architect
Goister Eddie 88024 Deceased
Goodbrand Ashleigh Shelley 98085 Resigned
Goodwin Julia 20129 Deregistered
Goosen Gerhardus Ignatius (Ignis) 20239 Professional Senior Landscape Architectural Technologist
Goosen Jacobus Johannes (Johan) 20106 Prof. Landscape Architect
Gous Jaco 20181 Prof. Landscape Architect
Gouws E 87007 Deregistered
Govender Marcus Brian 20274 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
Gowar Mia 250 Student
Gradowski Pawel Michal 20260 Prof. Landscape Architect
Gregory Lizelle 97078 Prof. Landscape Architect
Griesel Gerhardus Jakobus Christiaan (Gerhard) 20161 Prof. Landscape Architect
Groenewald Pieter George 87013 Prof. Landscape Architect
Grunewald Tosca Dina 208 C. Landscape Architect
Gryffenberg (nee Blom) Natanja 20254 Prof. Landscape Architect
Haefele Hendrik Ferdinand 20302 Prof. Landscape Architect
Hanekom Karien 97076 Prof. Landscape Architect
Hanslo Chantal 73 Previous Council Member
Hartzenberg Bernadean 365 C. Landscape Architect
Harwood Teresa Anne 20214 Suspended
Hattie Mark Mac 299 Student
Hattingh Elzabé Luitha 20233 Prof. Landscape Architect
Heath Bianca 20353 Professional Landscape Architect
Hedley Phillippa 183 C. Landscape Architect
Heldan Stephanie 20360 Professional Landscape Architect
Hendrick Richard Martin (Jimmy) 20285 Retired
Manda Ruth 424 Candidate Landscape Architect
Hendricks Jeremy David 131 C. Landscape Architectural Technician
Heydenrych Reuben 98089 Prof. Landscape Architect
Heyns Larissa Magdalena 20227 Prof. Landscape Architect
Higgins Gillian 210 C. Landscape Architect
Hillermann Eugen Kurt 20246 Prof. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Hodge Andrew Peter 245 C. Landscape Architect
Holm Cara 20194 Prof. Landscape Architect
Houston-Mc Millan Kyle 362 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Hoy Leslie 20318 Professional Manager (Construction and Maintenance)
Hugo Jacques Francois 20195 Prof. Landscape Architect
Hugo Morne 97080 Deregistered
Hutamo Ngwako Edward 20286 Prof. Landscape Manager (M)
Isaacs Redewaan 20276 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
Iyer Nathan 198 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Jacobs Rhuben Stefan 20301 Prof. Landscape Architect
James Antoinette 334 Interview Individual LA
Jansen Van Vuuren Helena Susanna 413 C. Landscape Architect
Jansen (nee Muller) Liana 20156 Prof. Landscape Architect
Jansen van Vuuren Susara Johanna (Hannetjie) 88025 Prof. Landscape Architect
Johnson Annissa 295 Interview Individual LA
Jordaan Jacobus Albertus (Jaco) 20107 Prof. Landscape Architect
Jordaan P 87008 Deregistered
Joubert Lourens Hermanus 20166 Prof. Landscape Architect
Joubert Marise 20305 Prof. Landscape Architect
Joubert Pierre 20190 Prof. Landscape Architect
Jubber Gordon Leslie 203 Interview Individual LA
Katsouris Angelica 254 Student
Keefelakae Sello 357 C. Landscape Technician
Kerrin Andrew Brian 20167 Prof. Landscape Architect
Kgare Seth 437 Candidate Landscape Technician
King Cornelia Elizabeth 93059 Prof. Landscape Architect
Kirkby Jonathan Robert 343 Interview Individual LM
Klapwijk Menno 87006 Prof. Landscape Architect
Kleinschmidt Frank 20357 Professional Landscape Architect
Klitzner Tarna 94064 Prof. Landscape Architect
Koster (White) Wendy 209 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Kotze George 376 Student
Kotze Michael 423 Candidate Landscape Technician
Krause Kathrin 20238 Professional Landscape Architect
Krause (nee Pretorius) Heleen 20206 Prof. Landscape Architect
Kruger Carl 342 Interview Individual LM
Kruger R 87017 Deregistered
Kulikovskaya Maria 429 Candidate Landscape Architect
Kusel Siegwalt Udo 20182 Prof. Landscape Architect
Labuschagne Carel Johannes Frederick (Lebeau) 20130 Prof. Landscape Architect
Labuschagne Marissa 20306 Prof. Landscape Architect
Labuschagne W 93060 Deceased
Labuschagne Wouter 20264 Prof. Landscape Architect
Laker Michiel Christiaan (Tiaan) 20196 Prof. Landscape Architect
Lange Warren Wayne 20244 Prof. Landscape Architect
Laue Clayton 20345 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
Le Roux Anneke 287 C. Snr Landscape Architectural Technologist
le Roux Cecile Marié 20236 Prof. Landscape Architect
Le Roux Michelle Maré 98088 Prof. Landscape Architect
Leleki Lubabalo 247 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Leonard R 93061 Deregistered
Lethugile Goabamang Moabi 147 C. Landscape Architect
Letlhaka Francina Matlakala 262 C. Landscape Architectural Technician
Letshwene Letlhogonolo 398 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Lith H 88036 Retired
Lockwood Gordon Patrick (Oscar) 20277 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
Loubser A 93053 Retired
Louw Charl Wynand 20351 Professional Landscape Architect
Louw Johan Le Roux 95068 Prof. Landscape Architect
Louw (nee Hammel) Kathrin 20162 Prof. Landscape Architect
Louwrens K 99097 Deregistered
Lu Ke 187 C. Landscape Architect
Lubbe Roux 419 Candidate Landscape Architect
Madamalala Azwindini Aubrey 20288 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
Mahne Tobias Gerhardus 20216 Prof. Landscape Architect
Makangela Oscarina 422 Candidate Landscape Technician
Malapile Malose 387 Student
Maluleke Margaret 439 Candidate Landscape Technician
Manda Ruth Annie 285 Resigned
Mandlana Asanda Nozaliseko 20317 Professional Manager (Construction and Maintenance)
Mandiwana Ashley 170 C. Landscape Architectural Technician
Mansour Brandon Johnny 20313 Prof. Landscape Technologist
Maponya Mapula Jessica Makgwara 277 Candidate Landscape Architect
Marais Chris 20346 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
Marais Vanessa 20114 Deregistered
Marais (nee James) Karen Gayle 20215 Prof. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Marshall Jonathan Henry 20251 Prof. Landscape Architect
Martins Kiana Afonso 20299 Prof. Landscape Architect
Mashiane Petunia 292 Student
Masson Scott Maclean 20217 Resigned
Matabane Lebo 395 C. Landscape Architectural Technician
Matanda Kingstone 20258 Prof. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Mathedimosa Koko 381 Student
Mathey Megan 361 C. Landscape Architect
Mathey Megan Leigh 252 Student
Mathonsi Wisani Allan 20324 Professional Senior Landscape Technologist
Matola Nazeera 382 Student
Mattheus Carl 384 Student
Matthysen Johannes 178 C. Landscape Architect
Matsvimbo Shermain 414 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Mashaba Faith 408 Candidate Senior Landscape Technologist
Maurel Philippe 411 C. Landscape Architect
Mayman Reginald Andy 20278 Prof. Landscape Manager (M)
Mbambo Zizipho 386 Student
McLachlan Julia 153 C. Landscape Architect
McNarland Sally 20149 Resigned
Mello Nape 392 Student
Mello Nape 434 Candidate Landscape Technician
Mello Kabelo 431 Candidate Landscape Technician
Memeza Melikaya 143 C. Snr Landscape Architectural Technologist
Meuwse Michelle 20131 Resigned
Metcalfe Jessica Jill 415 C. Landscape Architect
Mew W 88037 Deregistered
Meyer Michael 97081 Prof. Landscape Architect
Mketi Nkosintle 289 Student
Mkombeza Kimberley Rudo 276 Candidate Landscape Architect
Mlambo Nolwazi 360 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Mlangeni Mbali 378 Student
Mncedane Nonkqubela 339 C. Landscape Technician
Moir (nee Unsworth) Penelope Marguerite (Penny) 20160 Prof. Landscape Architect
Molobe Absalom Mosabeni 20247 Prof. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Molubi Lefentse 333 C. Landscape Technician
Morris Richard William 20279 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
Mostert Andrew 393 C. Landscape Architectural Technician
Mosweu Abel 20355 Professional Landscape Architect
Mothowamodimo Willie Ofentse 20259 Prof. Landscape Architect
Mputa Thozama 403 Candidate Landscape Architect
Mqayi Ayabulela 355 Student
Mthembu Bongumusa Cecil 20316 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
Mtshengu Vuyolwethu 420 Candidate Landscape Technician
Mulder Christiaan Ernst (Chris) 87002 Prof. Landscape Architect
Mulder (Louw) Mariëtte 20237 Prof. Landscape Architectural Technician
Muller Robyn Anne 20121 Prof. Landscape Architect
Munro-Grundling G 20147 Deregistered
Munyai Thabo Moses 20230 Professional Landscape Architect
Nadkarni Trupti Ashok 241 Interview Individual LA
Ndawule Anele 383 Student
Ndude Wendy 391 Student
Ndude Wendy 436 Candidate Landscape Technician
Ndwandwa Dumile 421 Candidate Landscape Technician
Nel Stephanie 400 C. Landscape Architect
Nel Willem Adriaan Jacobus (Willem) 20289 Prof. Landscape Manager (M)
Nelissen Garrick Jean Pierre 272 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Nemcova Eva 20298 Prof. Landscape Architect
Nepgen Cornelis 20327 Professional Landscape Architect
Newton Sally Theresa 20265 Prof. Landscape Architect
Nichol Patrick 193 Deceased
Ntozimbi Nasiphi 385 Student
O' Rourke Eamonn Christopher 95067 Prof. Landscape Architect
Oberholzer Bernard Joubert 87018 Prof. Landscape Architect
Odendaal Paul Christoffel 20347 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
Odendaal Petrus 368 de-registered Candidates
Oosthuysen Wessel 20249 Prof. Landscape Architect
Otto Emmarie 20170 Prof. Landscape Architect
Otto Mathilda Christina (Christa) 20224 Prof. Landscape Architect
Paterson Jason 20344 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
Papo Malethula Granny 20348 Prof. Landscape Technologist
Pelissier Carl 20234 Prof. Landscape Architect
Pembroke Ryan John 20280 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
Phiri Chester 356 C. Landscape Technician
Phetoane Realeboga 427 Candidate Landscape Technologist
Pienaar Henri 409 Candidate Landscape Architect
Pieterse Heloise 20291 Prof. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Pieterse Jan Fourie (Fourie) 20154 Deceased
Pretorius Marna 388 Interview Individual LM
Pretorius Marna 20320 Professional Manager (Construction and Maintenance)
Pretorius Michelle 20253 Prof. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Pretorius Tania 90042 Prof. Landscape Architect
Price Christine Rosalie 20202 Prof. Landscape Architect
Princloo Jenneth 20334 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
Prinsloo Johan Nel 20178 Prof. Landscape Architect
Prinsloo Jenneth 20334 Professional Landscape Manager (C&M)
Prinsloo Zak Ferdanand 20332 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
Prosch L 20120 Deregistered
Pryce-Lewis Darryl 20240 Prof. Landscape Architect
Pullukattu Liz 410 Candidate Landscape Architect
Punt Marni 20171 Resigned
Ramakuela Bridgette Malebo Reginah 348 Interview Individual LM
Ramakuela Hilda Takalani Ntodeni 268 C. Landscape Architectural Technician
Ramphago Matlhogonolo 435 Candidate Landscape Technologist
Rantlhwatlhwa Kgothatso 433 Candidate Landscape Technologist
Ravele Pfarelo 303 Student
Rawjee Fatima 20176 Resigned
Raxworthy Julian Richard 20257 Prof. Landscape Architect
Rebel Daniel 20132 Prof. Landscape Architect
Robertson-Forster Sally Jean 20212 Prof. Landscape Architect
Robertson-Swift Michelle 20137 Prof. Landscape Architect
Roos Christiaan 92050 Deregistered
Roos Christiaan 20342 Professional Landscape Architect
Roos Gideon Daniël 144 C. Landscape Architect
Roosendaal A 87015 Deceased
Rosenthal Amy Yael 20219 Resigned
Roxmouth Michelle (Mikki) 20312 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
Rude Warno Pieter 127 C. Landscape Architect
Rudolph David Barry (Dave) 20148 Prof. Landscape Architect
Rumble Bernice 20157 Prof. Landscape Architect
Rupprecht Ruth 20325 Professional Manager (Construction)
Saaiman Christoffel Johannes Joubert 347 Interview Individual LM
Samaai Nabilah 418 C. Landscape Architect
Samouilhan Karin Joanne 20248 Prof. Landscape Architect
Scheepers Jacobus Johannes (Cobus) 98086 Prof. Landscape Architect
Schnell Lucy 20315 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
Schnetler Ludwig Johannes Frederik 99093 Prof. Landscape Architect
Schoeman Christiaan 20349 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
Schoof Neal Patrick 20101 Prof. Landscape Architect
Sebotsi Molwantwa 367 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Semenya Covardia 432 Candidate Landscape Technologist
September Tunisia 20336 Professional Landscape Architect
Shand Dayle Lesley 20255 Prof. Landscape Architect
Sibanda Sabello Malcom 335 C. Landscape Architect
Sihlahla Athenkosi 261 C. Landscape Technologist
Silva Isabel 390 Interview Individual LM
Simelane Nobuhle 401 Candidate Landscape Technologist
Singelton S 88022 Deregistered
Singleton G 87003 Deregistered
Sithole Lunga 402 Candidate Landscape Architect
Sithole Mpilo 217 C. Landscape Architectural Technician
Skidmore Elaine Claire 148 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Slater D 88038 Deregistered
Smit Barend Hendrik Jacobus 99096 Prof. Landscape Architect
Smit Dirk Jasper 300 Student
Smit Fione 20245 Prof. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Smit Paul Rudolph 20207 Prof. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Smit PG-Human 134 Candidate Landscape Architect
Smit PG 20339 Candidate Landscape Architect
Smit Sonette 20123 Prof. Landscape Architect
Smith Philip 200 C. Landscape Architect
Smith Robyn 379 Student
Smith Robyn 407 Candidate Landscape Architectural Technologist
Smoot M 88031 Deregistered
Snyders Timothy John 20303 Prof. Landscape Architect
Stark Rachel Emiko Mukai 20250 Prof. Landscape Architect
Steenkamp Chanel 248 C. Landscape Architect
Steyn Ancunel Anna-Lucia 20266 Prof. Landscape Architect
Steyn Stephen 20321 Professional Manager (Construction and Maintenance)
Steynberg Christiaan Johannes 20293 Prof. Landscape Architect
Stokes Brian Leslie 90040 Prof. Landscape Architect
Stoffberg Gerrit Hendrik 20333 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
Stokes Liesel 87004 Prof. Landscape Architect
Strong Nicole 20180 Prof. Landscape Architect
Strydom Arne 20232 Prof. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Strydom Ida-Marie Jacoba 20281 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
Suijs Yvo Cornelis Adrianus 257 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Sutton Elizabeth 88020 Deceased
Swanepoel Jacobus Johannes Steyn (Steyn) 20141 Prof. Landscape Architect
Swanepoel Sonja 20172 Prof. Landscape Architect
Swart Charlotte 428 Candidate Landscape Architectural Technologist
Swart Clarissa 363 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Switala Gina 20225 Prof. Landscape Architect
Theron B 87012 Deregistered
Theron Gwen 97082 Prof. Landscape Architect
Theron I 98084 Deregistered
Thibadoux Alex Keith 281 Interview Individual LA
Thomas Sarah 399 C. Landscape Architect
Thompson Amy 416 Candidate Landscape Architect
Thompson Steven Marshall 88039 Deceased
Tiba Tsholofelo Yvonne 293 Student
Tijmens W 88021 Retired
Toerien Tessa Kate 260 C. Landscape Architect
Tolsma Jacquis 179 C. Landscape Architect
Townshend Derek Wray 258 Deceased
Trichard Louis Gustav 88033 Prof. Landscape Architect
Tsimba Clive Tatenda 20308 Prof. Snr Landscape Architectural Technologist
Tuke Sarah Luposo 275 Candidate Landscape Architect
Turner Jason Edmund 20186 Prof. Landscape Architect
Turrell Alistair Denis 20294 Prof. Landscape Architect
Ueckermann (nee Louw) Marian 20118 Prof. Landscape Architect
Unger Meike 288 C. Landscape Architect
Urasa A 20133 Deregistered
Uys Lucas Willem Rensburg 87010 Prof. Landscape Architect
Van den Aardweg L 88027 Deregistered
van den Berg Erika 90043 Retired
Van Den Einde Carmen 267 C. Landscape Architect
Van der Hoven Hendrikus Johannes (Hendrik) 90045 Prof. Landscape Architect
Van der Merwe Douw Gerbrand 90041 Deceased
Van der Merwe L 95070 Deregistered
Van der Merwe Maryke 235 C. Landscape Architect
Van der Merwe Johannes 20259 Professional Landscape Architectural Technologist
Van der Merwe Pierre Jacques 20311 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
Van der Riet Terence (Terry) Herald 20282 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
Van der Walt (nee Meyer) Elize 20242 Prof. Landscape Architect
Van der Westhuizen Amanda 20208 Prof. Landscape Architect
Van der Westhuysen (nee Speirs) Caren Linda 20115 Prof. Landscape Architect
Van Eeden Joseph Deon 20283 Prof. Landscape Manager (C&M)
Van Eeden W 93056 Deregistered
Van Niekerk Hugo Hendrik le Roux 20307 Prof. Landscape Architect
Van Niekerk Jaco 20256 Prof. Landscape Architect
Van Nieuwenhuizen George Diederick Petrus (Adam) 20100 Prof. Landscape Architect
van Papendorp Johannes Jochemus (Johan) 87019 Prof. Landscape Architect
van Rensburg Mareza 20174 Prof. Landscape Architect
van Riet W 88026 Retired
van Rooy Nanja 20193 Resigned
Van Rooyen Francois Jacobus 20150 Prof. Landscape Architect
van Rooyen Jacobus Cornelius (JC) 20187 Prof. Landscape Architectural Technologist
van Staden Elizabeth Margaret (Elize) 20290 Prof. Landscape Manager (M)
Van Staden Ellen Elizabeth 20151 Prof. Landscape Architect
van Viegen Thomas Richard 98087 Prof. Landscape Architect
van Vuuren K 96073 Deregistered
Van Wyk Frans Hendrik 20109 Prof. Landscape Architect
van Wyk Lee-Anne 20173 Resigned
Van Wyk Louis 373 Student
Velcich Peter Gerard 20136 Prof. Landscape Architect
Venter Albert 190 C. Snr Landscape Architectural Technologist
Venter Isabelle Marie (Mia) 20179 Resigned
Venter M 96074 Deregistered
Venter Werner 20295 Prof. Landscape Architect
Verheynen L 90048 Deregistered
Verster Sone 364 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Victor P 93054 Deregistered
Vinnicombe Shannon 371 Student
Voges Johannes Hendrik 20329 Professional Landscape Architect
Vosloo Pieter Tobias (Piet) 93057 Prof. Landscape Architect
Vunderink Wim 20267 Prof. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Wagner Glenn Anthony 20135 Prof. Landscape Architect
Wain Anthony Nigel 90047 Prof. Landscape Architect
Walker (was Celliers) C 94066 Deregistered
Watson Callum 351 C. Landscape Architect
Watson Michael Anthony 249 C. Landscape Architect
Webb Margaretha 20192 Prof. Landscape Architect
Weideman Elmie 20223 Prof. Landscape Architect
Wellman D 20153 Deregistered
Wentzel Cornél 20184 Prof. Landscape Architect
Wentzel Dorithea Maria 20209 Prof. Landscape Architect
Wheeler M 20111 Deregistered
White Neville Glenn 87009 Prof. Landscape Architect
White Winston Gwynne 20229 Prof. Landscape Architect
Wiese Eric 92052 Resigned
Wild Alexandra Karin 412 C. Landscape Architect
Wilken Charldon 20326 Professional Landscape Architect
Williams Jill Anastacia 278 Student
Willie Kamva 394 C. Landscape Architectural Technician
Wise J 99094 Deregistered
Wolmarans Lizelle 20183 Prof. Landscape Architect
Young Graham Albert 87001 Prof. Landscape Architect
Young Mark Kevin 20139 Prof. Landscape Architect
Zaroufis Sarah Zaroufis 428 Candidate Landscape Architect
Ziyambi Christabel 128 C. Landscape Architectural Technologist
Zweistra Cole 290 Student