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Professional Practice Committee

Purpose of the committee 
The purpose of the committee is to advise and guide the profession in terms of all matters relating to Professional Practice which include:

  • Development and implementation of policies relating to Professional Practice.
  • Oversee any disciplinary process as and when it arises.
  • To set criteria and evaluate organisations through a due diligence process for recognition as a Voluntary Association (VA).
  • Determine the Continued Professional Development (CPD) criteria and evaluate individual submissions as well as accredit/validate points for specific events/programmes.
  • All matters pertaining to the Identification of Work (IDoW) – this aspect is currently being reviewed in conjunction with the CBE as the Competition Commission has ruled that such a provision may be anti-competitive and against the Competition Regulations.

Responsibilities of the committee:

In terms of Professional Practice:

  • Create the criteria and procedure for continued professional development
  • Update the professional practice and fee protocol document
  • Review the Code of Conduct
  • Oversee and assist the Registrar as and when disciplinary processes are to be followed

In terms of VA s:

  • Develop criteria and due dililgence process for recognition of VA s
  • Facilitate the process for VA recognition