Registration Committee

Purpose of the committee
  • To advise Council on mechanisms, procedures, guidelines, examinations and assessments with regards to the registration and re-grading of persons in the landscape architectural profession.
  • To define the qualification and experience required for the different Categories of Registration and the assessments required for each category, as well as the assessments and procedures required for upgrading to a higher level of registration category.
  • To define the assessment procedures, standards and structures for assessment of experience, practical training and prior learning etc. ,required in the assessment and registration process
  • To define the points in the registration or re-grading process where the Professional Practice Examination is to be written, and to review the current examination curriculum.
  • To facilitate and co-ordinate the registration of new persons that meet the criteria.

Responsibilities of the committee
  • To register professionals in the Landscape Architectural Profession
  • To register applicants in the relevant categories
  • To define the registration requirements
  • To define registration procedures
  • To issue registration certificates
  • To cancel registrations i.e. oversee de-registrations and suspensions that are to be effected by the Registrar.
  • To renew registrations in line with requirements and in conjunction with the Professional Practice Committee
  • Recommend and oversee the registration of candidates and professionals as effected by the Registrar
  • Oversee management of the Register of professionals and candidates

Committee Chair Person is Amanda du Plooy